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  • Suspiria
  • Daisies
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock
  • Totally Fucked Up

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  • Prey


  • The Terminator


  • The House on Tombstone Hill


  • Doom Asylum


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  • The Curse of Humpty Dumpty

    The Curse of Humpty Dumpty


    This… doesn’t suck??? 
    Despite the fact that it looks like a bad horror mockbuster you’d find in the bargain bin at Walmart, this movie has a surprising amount of atmosphere, burning slow and steady to a bloody finale. 
    I mean, it’s no masterpiece. The budget limitations show, the design of the doll is terrible and the overly ambitious plot becomes too messy and convoluted in the end but I really admire that they tried to make something above average. 
    The performances are good, there’s a fair amount of suspense and when Humpty starts doing his thing it is actually pretty cool.

  • Eternal Summer

    Eternal Summer


    Like just let them be a throuple, you cowards.