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"Paul's gay. You're a faggot."

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  • The Thin Blue Line
  • Who'll Stop the Rain
  • Sherman's March
  • Dream with the Fishes

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  • The Year of Living Dangerously


  • The Adjuster


  • After Hours


  • Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart


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  • Taipei Story

    Taipei Story


    وقتی دیگر جوان نیستی، دنیا بسیار ساکت می شود. بزرگسالی کویر است. پول آب است. عشق یک سیستم تصفیه آب خوب است. کسی را که دوستش دارید پیدا کنید و در یک نودل فروشی کار کنید. دو بار در سال مست شو تا به خود یادآوری کنی که هنوز شاعری، حتی اگر دیگران به تو بخندند، زیرا نخ های پیراهنت برهنه است. آنها نمی دانند که قدمت آن به اندازه روح شماست.

  • Touch and Go

    Touch and Go


    Quick stopover in CHI-town. The hotel didn't have any skin flicks, so I settled for a Michael Keaton joint on Cinemax. I loved the guy in NIGHT SHIFT but, man, this flick was all kindsa bad. Nevertheless, it did the trick and soon I was beatin' it to Maria Conchita Alonso, then out like a light. Barely made it to O'Hare this morning and my PanAm back to Hell.

Popular reviews

  • Joyride



    Deftly captures the rush of being young and dumb, riding around in an old American car and watching your breath in the cold morning. A heartfelt coming of age picture, JOYRIDE transcends its generic drive-in origins very quickly, aided and abetted by plenty o' flannel, Eskimo hootch, 70s tits, dazzling Pacific Northwest locations, and Robert Carradine's soul. Second-generation Hollywood royalty or not, life is hard for these kids -- a few bad choices and they're eating dog food for dinner.…

  • Rush It

    Rush It


    Henny Youngman's son directs a 78-minute mumblecore film about bike messengers in Manhattan, starring some girl-you-went-to-Sarah-Lawrence-with's mom and Tom Berenger.