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  • Fargo



    I think this was one of the first Coen Brothers movies I ever saw. Really loved it at the time, but coming back to it now, I can’t help but feel like it’s just not among their best. That said, mid-tier Coen Brothers is still better than a hell of a lot of other movies!

  • Host



    Fun, well-executed little movie that I just wish did a little bit more outside of the Zoom interface.

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  • Out of Shadows

    Out of Shadows


    Hilariously clunky and unfocused documentary by a Hollywood stunt guy. Believes Epstein stuff is real but conveniently doesn’t include Trump and co. on the list of collaborators. My favorite part is when he reads off dictionary.com definitions and breaks down the word “television” into “TELL-A-VISION” to talk about government mind control. He also brings another stunt guy on to talk about how working on the set of Zoolander opened his eyes to the Hollywood CIA conspiracy. Pretty funny but not worth the time investment.

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    I want to start by saying this is a completely competent, well-made movie. It’s a bit long and the time skipping feels like a cheap plot device, but it’s still an enjoyable watch that’s filled with beautiful costuming and sets.

    With that said, it feels criminal for Greta Gerwig to hear criticisms about how thoroughly white her movies are and then go and make this adaptation of a story of a white, middle-class(?) New England family during the Civil War.…