Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk ★★★★

Syrupy slow, with both a measured script and performances, Bone Tomahawk never shies away from the brutality and untempered force of the pioneer lands. Kurt Russell and Richard Jenkins are outstanding in their roles and while this is essentially a genre piece, it is in no way generic or fixed within the confines of either a western or a horror movie.

The troglodytes clan that terrorise and consume their prey are reminiscent of some strange "Cannibal Holocaust meets The Hills Have Eyes" nightmare with a touch of the Morlocks from 2002's The Time Machine adaptation. Powdered white skin with tusks, these beastly men inspire fear and agonising tension whether on screen or calling out, off camera. It is often the case that despite the visceral visuals some of the films greatest moments are achieved through taught edits and gruesome sound design.

A concussive debut outing for S. Craig Zahler.

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