The Mist

The Mist ★★★★

How the hell Thomas Jane isn't a massive star I'll never know. Here, he and most of the original cast of The Walking Dead are in perilous crisis after a mist shrouds a small town and they get trapped in a mini-market.

I had no idea on what to expect going in and even less idea as to what was actually in the mist. Without giving too much away, by the time the finale and twist pays off I was not disappointed. The tension that builds among the characters and how they deal with their situation is fantastic. Dark and claustrophobic, The Mist pulls you in and rips your face off. I never once looking at my watch, instead glued to the drama unfolding (a rare event in most supernatural/ science fiction movies these days).

My only grumble would be that it felt like a good portion of the movie had been cut. Characters are given a development scene and are swiftly killed, or disappear from the screen for large portions of the screen time. This would've definitely benefited from perhaps being a 6 part TV miniseries.

On the whole, thoroughly enjoyable, deliciously dark and right up my alley.

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