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  • The Beguiled

    The Beguiled


    This film does an amazing job of balancing the line between how a single man can ruin an all woman utopia and bitches be crazy. Which of those viewpoints you see in this movie probably says more about you than the movie itself.

  • Don't Go in the Woods

    Don't Go in the Woods


    When you think about it, this is basically the plot of Whiplash and everyone else seemed to f-in love that movie.

  • [REC]



    This film does nothing for me until the end. I don't really care about the characters. I for sure hate the constant shaking and screaming. It's just another zombie outbreak film. Which even in the long ago time of 2007 were getting old. Are people just remembering this for the last 10 -15 minutes, which is where the film finally starts to work? I'll grant you that once it gets good, it's good, but ugh the 70 minutes.

  • Life After Beth

    Life After Beth


    One of the better Dating a Zombie sub-genre. Life After Beth, Warm Bodies, Burying the Ex, Nina Forever... this is a thing. Dating sexy zombies is a thing in movies now.

    As for the movie its self... it's fine. Completely forgettable but a fine way to spend 90 minutes. The cast really makes what should be worse into a watchable movie.