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  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    ok okay. it’s gay and like aware but still corny because it’s christmas. i’m glad gay shit can just be bad now; however, when will we start making good and slightly cheesy christmas romcoms again? where are the dumb classics of our generation? 

    i’m probably being salty for no reason 

    gave an extra half a star because kristen stewart and aubrey plaza are hot but they are the only hot ones in this film except mary steenberg who is a fucking dime

  • Mystery Train

    Mystery Train


    a very nice movie. 

    each vignette was engaging and perfect in its own way. 

    i could feel a love and appreciation for Memphis and it’s music that warmed my heart. 

    the best part of this movie is that i long to know more about each and every character and where life will take them next. but i am so grateful that i got to see this one day in their life that brought them all to this hotel in memphis. i know they aren’t real but i wish the best for all of them.