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  • A Daring Daylight Burglary

    A Daring Daylight Burglary


    Pretty decent police chase, nothing flashy but solid.

  • Flying Masters of Kung Fu

    Flying Masters of Kung Fu


    This is a very average and generic film filled with average fights and average acting, with a generic story and mediocre direction.

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  • Enter the Game of Death

    Enter the Game of Death


    I'm not sure why this gets such high ratings. The acting, martial arts, fight scenes, editing, directing, all of it are mediocre at best. The story is crap and the dubbing only makes things worse. It is interesting in a crappy chop socky kind of way but that's not really my thing.

  • Nightmare Detective

    Nightmare Detective


    This is a very interesting film with lots of interesting ideas and visuals. HItomi isn't a very good actress and wasn't able to carry the film well and Ryûhei Matsuda as the Nightmare Detective fails to convince during his limited screen time. Shin'ya Tsukamoto however is great in his role and seems suitably creepy. The films feels more like an episode of a horror anthology show or Masters of Horror than a feature length film and things aren't helped by the film's relatively long run time. The sound effects were by far the best part of this film.