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  • The Shallows

    The Shallows


    The first half of this movie was pretty good with some decent scene full of tension but then my interest started to peter out and then the shark became a vengeance filled villain with was fun if stupid. But holy shit did I hate the ending, the ending fully knocked about 20 points off my rating. 45/100

  • Wagon Heels

    Wagon Heels

    Weird how of all the main Looney Tunes characters I end up liking Porky Pig the best. That being said this just wasn't funny just kinda sad.

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  • Them



    There was no tension or scares in this lackluster film. The main couple really annoyed me with how pathetic they were, they seemed even more pathetic once the attackers are revealed. The whole thing seemed to drag despite it's short run time.

  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner


    Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan are great in this movie. A lot of people seem to be amazed that Jackie Chan can be dramatic but the reality is that Jackie Chan has made dramatic films throughout his career, they've just never been as popular as his Action/Comedy films. The movie itself is nothing special and has some plotting issues. The biggest problem with this movie is not the acting which is pretty damn great all around or even the story…