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  • Scream



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I rewatched this trying to be positive, and I think the first half hour is fine? Jenna Ortega shines, but her friend group never feels lived in. Sam’s backstory is whack, but serviceable for what it needs to do to reorient the franchise.

    But this fundamentally fails as a Scream film. Scream 4 is still more timely, providing ample commentary to this day. Scream V wants to utilise the brand and characters as to not alienate fans but doesn’t want to…

  • Bottoms



    Yikes! A few thoughts...

    In the opening scene, we’re introduced to PJ and Josie. We’re told that they’re best friends – both queer, both self-described losers, and both have major crushes on cheerleaders. And from that opening scene, we learn… nothing new about them. For 90 minutes, we’re only reminded that they're gay losers who don’t fuck. Nothing else. Josie is given slightly more of an arc and interiority than PJ, but we aren’t able to gauge any complexities or…

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  • Pride



    Gay rights!

  • Saltburn



    …….. Great gowns, beautiful gowns!

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