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  • Super Deluxe

    Super Deluxe


    Biggest WTF moment of 2019

  • The Forest of Love

    The Forest of Love


    I read a review for a Sion Sono movie that his films are just him fucking around with his Sono-isms until he has a really great final ~20 minutes, and I believe that is the case here.

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    I feel as if this whole movie exists so they could make that murders and executions pun

  • Undone



    Hoping for a season 2! Episode 5 was a real standout. (Watched like 2 weeks ago, found out it was on lb today)

  • Kumbalangi Nights

    Kumbalangi Nights


    I’m about to stalk the cinematographer to see what he does next (and immediately watch everything else he’s shot)

  • Like Stars on Earth

    Like Stars on Earth


    Fun fact shortly after filming Aamir Khan was hospitalized because of severe back pain from carrying this entire movie

  • Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time

    Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time


  • Pather Panchali

    Pather Panchali


    Did I enjoy watching it? No. Do I appreciate it? Kind of. After reading about it a little before this review I can see why it resonated with some, but it just did not connect with me at all. The soundtrack ruined a few scenes as well.

  • Sex and Lucía

    Sex and Lucía


    Pretty dank movie! Any film who’s director says fuck it and decides to swing the camera every which way is cool in my book. The meta story was pretty cool aswell

    Recommended by M--S for the Metropolis roulette

  • The Day the Earth Froze

    The Day the Earth Froze

    How did mst3k manage to ruin a movie

  • Midsommar



    Very unique cinema experience

  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    Pretty dank movie! Didn’t really care for the story but the dance scene in the middle was spectacular, and the movie picked up pace from there.

    Recommended by Vita for the Metropolis roulette