Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within ★★★½

When asked what I'd happily replace superhero movies with in Our World of Cinema, I immediately suggested high-concept but old school whodunnits. In my fanciful vision for our world I imagined an ACCU (Agatha Christie Cinematic Universe), and like a half-dozen free-wheeling low-budget efforts like this one playing across the country at any given time. The friend I saw it with regretted that it was so jokey, suggesting that it would have been funnier had it not been so broad. I agree with this, but love the commitment of the cast, the energetic cutting from scene to scene, and the way the silliness worked hand in hand with the nonetheless strong wintry atmosphere. And Howard Marren's "The Phantom Strikes Again" was a TERRIFIC find for the opener.

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