Scream ★★★★★

Have you ever accidentally let someone ruin a film for you without ever having seen it? 20 years ago, a boy in my neighborhood disgusted me with the description of Drew Barrymore's intestines hanging out. I then placed this film on a pilaster entitled 'don't watch!' and I have overlooked it ever since. I did the exact same for the film Ticks. My imagination is far worse than what ends up taking place on screen. I had psyched myself out.

So yesterday, it was my first time to see Scream. How embarrassing, right? It's a bit of an overlord of the 90's slasher genre. Wes Craven clearly wanted to instill in people's minds that the genre would simply not go away. There were countless romantic comedies and buddy flicks popping up. What was a horror fan to do? Why, make both of course. Scream was charmingly funny and I enjoyed the cast so much. The 90's were so strange and I have a lot of painful memories associated with them, but I'll be damned if the films and music didn't make me feel overjoyed.

I no longer let people psych me out in regards to film. Everybody is their own best critic.

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