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  • Blacula



    Spotting a woman who looks like his deceased wife Blacula (William Marshall) tries to convince her to go with him while the police is already on his trail...
    Watched this after the sequel SCREAM BLACULA SCREAM which I wasn't a huge fan of and was surprised about how much I liked it. Even though it suffers from its PG rating there is some nasty action in here including some decent fire stunt work plus the tragic love story element was…

  • The Red Headed Corpse

    The Red Headed Corpse


    A depressive artist (Farley Granger) gets a mannequin from some hippies. Soon she seems to come to life turning into a cheating whore...
    A very interesting concept gets ruined by a very dull and boring direction. I shared Granger's depressed look while I was watching this as it's mostly him feeling miserable or his doll (girl) screwing around.
    The ending elevates the movie a bit as it adds a good amount of ambiguity to the plot leaving its audience a…

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  • Ronin



    A group of professionals gets hired to rob a highly guarded briefcase. When things don't work out as planned and double-crossing kicks in two members of the team (Robert De Niro and Jean Reno) go for it on their own…
    A near-perfect crime thriller. No bullshit. No CGI. No color filters. Just watching people who are great at doing their jobs. Behind and in front of the camera. John Frankenheimer doing an unofficial sequel to his FRENCH CONNECTION sequel shooting…

  • Vengeance



    After his son-in-law and grandchildren are murdered by triads Costello (Johnny Hallyday) promises his daughter who survived the hit badly injured to avenge the act. He seeks out hitmen to help him as he suffers from increasing memory loss which will complicate things for him...
    After having watched VENGEANCE a second time I now am happy to say that I finally - after six years - found a new entry for my top 10 movies of all time. VENGEANCE for…