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  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  • Kamome Diner
  • Thief
  • Heat

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  • A Mother Should Be Loved


  • Mukoku


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  • A Mother Should Be Loved

    A Mother Should Be Loved


    A widowed mother (Mitsuko Yoshikawa) who raises her own son and one of her late husband's first marriage tries to deal with their troubled relationship after the sons learned about this...
    First of all: there are two reels missing, so I wasn't able to watch the entire movie and could only resort to the texts the BFI DVD provided for these scenes. It's a shame so many early Ozu films are either incomplete or entirely missing... out of 54 movies…

  • Mukoku



    A troubled and hot-headed teenage rapper (Nijirô Murakami) gets picked up by a Kendo master (Akira Emoto) who also tries to save his former student (Gô Ayano) who accidentally put his father in a coma during a sword fight and became an alcoholic...
    A cheesy drama which indulges in its drama. Over. And over. And over. And over. Again. It repeats the same scenes as it doesn't trust itself at all. I got how traumatized the two fellas were after…

Popular reviews

  • Kids Return

    Kids Return


    Two friends meet again after years and look back on their high school days as troublemakers who aimed for becoming a professional boxer and a Yakuza boss...
    How to deal with the aftermath of Japan's bubble economy? Take it with humor. That's what Takeshi Kitano does and the first act is pretty hilarious to say the least. Bored by their school life his two anti heroes resort to all sorts of juvenile behavior told with the typical Kitanoesque sense of…

  • Vengeance



    After his son-in-law and grandchildren are murdered by triads Costello (Johnny Hallyday) promises his daughter who survived the hit badly injured to avenge the act. He seeks out hitmen to help him as he suffers from increasing memory loss which will complicate things for him...
    After having watched VENGEANCE a second time I now am happy to say that I finally - after six years - found a new entry for my top 10 movies of all time. VENGEANCE for…