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  • Colewell



    An older post office worker (Karen Allen) who lives in a tight small town community gets upset when her office gets shut down...
    A well-intended small drama which ultimately goes nowhere. Karen Allen gives a good performance as an elderly woman dealing with age and loss of purpose but remains a bit of a cypher with only a younger woman she occasionally meets who might or might not represent her younger self adding some depth to her character.
    I still…

  • The Great Outdoors

    The Great Outdoors


    Two brothers (John Candy & Dan Aykroyd) and their families spend their vacation together leading to several (mis)adventures...
    Even though this was written by John Hughes THE GREAT OUTDOORS lacks his usual care for characters and sense of good humor.
    The 'funny' situations result in pretty broad and cartoony comedy mostly feeling like a lame NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION movie (another better-written film by Hughes) culminating in a cringe-worthy bear battle. In fact animals aren't treated very nice in this but then…

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  • Vengeance



    After his son-in-law and grandchildren are murdered by triads Costello (Johnny Hallyday) promises his daughter who survived the hit badly injured to avenge the act. He seeks out hitmen to help him as he suffers from increasing memory loss which will complicate things for him...
    After having watched VENGEANCE a second time I now am happy to say that I finally - after six years - found a new entry for my top 10 movies of all time. VENGEANCE for…

  • Rorret



    A movie theater owner (Lou Castel) is obsessed with fear. He observes his female audiences during his 'terror program' to pick them up later for some 'insightful' discussions...
    An über-boring 'homage' to genre classic PEEPING TOM which becomes the ultimate self-indulgent pretentious bullshit. I always liked Lou Castel's performances in (Italian) genre cinema and watching him 'enjoying' a roller coaster ride was quite something but in the end he just kept on picking terrible projects.
    I only watched this as…