A.I. Love You

A.I. Love You ½

A girl (Aoi Morikawa) who dreams of becoming a patissier literally falls in love with her phone...
Sponsored by Google spy ware I assume. What a shitfest. So, a girl is unable to make her own decisions and won't believe in herself but when she installs an A. I. app everything works out just fine!
90% of this movie is Aoi Morikawa talking to the screen, so yeah, it's not only a terrible written (and acted) movie but also pretty boring. Does this movie really asks its audience to care about someone who is so weak and even has a roommate/best friend but can only be saved by her phone?! And when that app 'dies' (what an 'amazing' way to add the genre's 'dying lover' trope into this movie!!!) and that girl cries her heart out... who the fuck cares????!!!! Not me.
I'm so pissed as the target audiences (teenage girls who depend on their phones way too much anyway) might find this cute and touching. And man, when that app knows EVERYTHING about the girl as it analyzed all her posts on the web... that's not creepy... nooooo!... that's just swell as this app can now help this poor girl to achieve her dream!!!
Fuck, this was terrible. In German we call something like this 'pädagogisch unwertvoll'.

Make or Break Scene: Saying teary goodbye to her app... yikes!!!

MVT: The short running time.

Score: 1/ 10

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