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  • The Book of Love

    The Book of Love


    (Known as "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" elsewhere - which is a better title!)

    Sudeikis and Williams give good performances ... If only the script had spent more time exploring its themes directly, instead of skirting around them using tortured and overwrought raft allusions as a selling point to make it more 'quirky' (ugh!)

  • Katie Says Goodbye

    Katie Says Goodbye


    There are two kinds of idealism, in this world. The first is when you believe people are good. The second, is when you believe that people can't continue to be BAD.

    The 2nd misconception will wind up hurting you a lot more.

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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Sometimes, the people who smother you, and the people that encourage you to spread your wings, are doing it for the same reason - because they care.

    It's the people who abandon you, that you're better off without.

  • Nine Lives

    Nine Lives

    There wasn't a moment of this that I didn't dislike ... but somehow, I think I found the biggest insult to be the fact that Christopher Walken plays the EXACT SAME character he did in "Click" (even down to costuming) ...

    Seriously; only the name has been changed!