No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

No Time to Die is a film that is both good and bad while being an explosive end for Daniel Craig's Bond.

Every James Bond film has a trend with the final film of each Bond having the worst final film. I also expected NTTD to be a better version of The Rise of Skywalker after the disaster that was Spectre. My expectations were met since I enjoyed the film, even though it has its issues.

NTTD continues from Spectre and fixes all the fuck-ups that were in Spectre. Such as the "BROTHER!" and the forced relationship with Madeleine. Even if the film does fix the problems from Spectre, does it make NTTD a good movie? Well... not quite. The relationship between Bond and Madeleine is still hard to believe since their relationship still feels forced (and more like a plot device). The cinematography is brilliant, Fukunaga's directing is great as always, the performances are fantastic, and the soundtrack is perfect for the type of film NTTD is. About the soundtrack, some themes from the older Bond films are re-editioned to make them relevant to the story of NTTD. Such as On Her Majesty's Secret Service's Theme and Louis Armstrong's We Have All The Time in the World.

While Ana de Armas had a small role in the film, she sure knows how to make the audience catch their attention. At least her character/performance was more memorable than Monica Bellucci's role in Spectre (which is sad since she's awesome).

After leaving the theatres, something was on my mind about the film. NTTD's 3rd act felt a bit familiar to something that I can instantly recognize since it's my favorite game series of all time. The 3rd act felt similar to Metal Gear Solid (even elements of the story!), but I'm probably overthinking it. Or maybe I'm feeling tempted to revisit it.

Since I watched all 24 Bond films just because Rami Malek is in the recent Bond film, how did I think about it? Malek's character as Safin felt like a generic villain with motives that are... mediocre. His motives make sense but seem unbelievable. Even if Safin's character is horrible, Rami Malek does one hell of a job with the terrible writing since his performance carries the character!

"History isn't kind to men who play God."

The moment I heard that line, my inner Mr. Robot screamed because that line felt more direct to Elliot Alderson instead of Safin.

My journey through Bond was a bumpy one, but it was amazing to see how the special effects were evolving and how Bond somewhat defined each generation it was released. I somewhat consider Bond films as a textbook since it made me learn something about film (well, from the 1960s-Present).

While my only excuse to watch every Bond film was for Rami Malek, I decided to stay to see how each Bond evolves throughout the times.

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