Tenet ★★★

I decided to give Tenet a REwatch since I wanted to REwatch it ever since I watched it in theaters. Does REwatching the movie make the movie better?

Well... yes and no.

During my second viewing, I noticed that some parts of the movie make sense after you watch it the first time. Like, the beginning scene, the trucks in place, or the A and B team. If I'll be honest, the movie is still confusing. The writing is pretty... bad. The music is great, but the sound editing is SHIT. Even if you do watch the movie at theaters or home, the dialogue is still hard to hear. Speaking about the dialogue, it's so... exposition-heavy. I was a bit unamused in a way with the dialogue.

Watching with subtitles, does it make the movie better? Eh... somewhat? I still couldn't understand Kenneth Branagh because of his stupid accent (if that's his accent, my bad lol). I was able able to understand the movie this time in my second viewing, but some parts are still confusing. The A and B scene honestly makes no sense, even with a second viewing.

Did REwatching Tenet make me like the movie even more or less? If I'll be honest, it made me like the movie less. REwatching the movie made me realize the flaws of the movie, which I didn't notice during my first viewing. I probably need to process the movie again but I'm pretty sure I'll forget about it since I have Finals for my classes incoming.

I plan to watch the Three Colors Trilogy, The Before Trilogy, The Human Condition Trilogy, Citizen Kane, and Mank before the year ends. I also plan on finishing Mr. Robot S4 on the 22nd and will try to finish Adventure Time and Too Old to Die Young.

Looking forward to finishing off what I want to watch before 2020 concludes.

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