Stalker ★★★★★

The last movie I decided to watch this month is Stalker. I've been interested in Tarkosvsky's directing for a while! I've seen the cinematography for The Sacrifice and Nostalgia, which really made me interested in Tarkosvsky's directing.

I only watched 19/31 films this month for Spooktober, but I'm really glad I made it this far! If only I wasn't busy with schoolwork and other stuff.

After finishing Stalker, I can finally understand why the movie has a high rating on Letterboxd. The long takes, the pacing, the directing, cinematography was one thing that caught my attention. I'm a fan of long shots, so I was really surprised how long the shots were. About the pacing...

I heard that the pacing was slow as hell, and I can agree. I was able to get through it though. I also heard that the movie may be "boring", and that I should watch Tarkosvsky's movies in release order. About that...

Even though the movie was long and slow-paced, I really enjoyed it. The entire movie has me asking questions on what the hell I just watched lol. I'll probably make my own interpretation since I need to process what happened throughout the movie.

What a great movie to end Spooktober :D

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