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  • Bedrooms and Hallways

    Bedrooms and Hallways


    so sad that american tv decided kevin mckidd could only play mean gruff doctors and not funny charming gays

  • Driven



    jason sudeikis with a mustache! lee pace with white hair! car drama! friendship drama! some special chemistry happening between two emotionally connected actors (that last scene between sudeikis and pace really got me ngl)!!! corey stoll! 

    perfectly nice to have on while i worked through the evening. 

    it’s not a car. it’s not a sports car. it’s a delorean. 

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  • Joker


    joaquin phoenix personally owes me an apology and at least 200$

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    sorry to diana and steve but i am so horned up for barbara and max 

    lol sorry but i liked it!! i love a movie that hinges on pedro being a loving dad!! i love a DC set movie! I love pedros come-and-go accent! I love his big hair! i love him rattling apart! i love kristen being HOT and MEAN!! I love invisible plane!! I love the steve trevor body man!! cayoot!!