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  • Les Misérables

    Les Misérables


    "What if voicing anger was the only way to be heard?"

    The scariest thing about a spiral is that its shape prevents de-escalation. It only goes down, it's a one way trip. And even when it's not, it's very hard to go the other way.

    Intense, beautiful mastery of cinema. I kind of want this to beat Parasite, just for kicks.

    Last 15 minutes are burned permanently into my mind.

  • The Edge of Democracy

    The Edge of Democracy


    It wasn't worth finishing

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  • Joker



    Send in the Zack Snyder fans

  • Tenet


    Paul Thomas Anderson 🤝 Christopher Nolan
    Having the most obnoxious filmmaker fanbase to ever exist to the point where they make out of 10 reviews for trailers put out half a year before the movie is released