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  • Dune



    Jodorowsky's favorite part of the book was that it was like putting your face to the page and falling into a world where you were given no help in figuring out what was going on. This movie follows that spirit of the book very well. With a few exceptions, the viewer is left to witness carnage and prophecy unfold with little to no context.

    The scale of operations and the modes of transportation is absolutely massive and Villeneuve et al. managed to portray them in a way that was absolutely flooring. Worth seeing in large format if possible. Also worth it for Zimmer's colossal score.

  • Ghostland



    Right off the top, I can't believe in 2018 someone was still doing the "sadistic transgender" trope.

    That said, this movie's alright. Structurally unique and stressful. I don't know if I'm just an easy target but at one point, I caught myself stress-squishing my face with my palms. Old scary houses and poor protagonist choices are a match made in hell.

    That said that said, fuck this movie: deadline.com/2018/03/taylor-hickson-injury-lawsuit-ghostland-facial-injury-disfigured-1202312643/