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  • Deadpool



    Because it was on tv, it was a bit edited and censored, and I missed the first chunk, but this made for fun background while I did some puzzles from a magazine.

  • Suspiria



    I need to watch the original, and I'm mad at myself for missing this when it was in theaters.

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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    I cried more this time! Tears were streaming down my face as I whimpered during the credits! That's not a joke or an exaggeration! That actually happened!
    Anyway I think this film is actually a 4/5, but it's an emotional 5/5, so I'm leaving my rating as is.

  • Snowpiercer



    "How can I lead if I have two good arms?"

    Sure, Steve Rogers-Chris Evans is hot, but it was Curtis-Chris Evans that played a role in my sexual awakening.

    This movie fucks so hard, and I know this sounds a little weird but it's one of the movies (along with pieces of tv and theatre) that made me want to be an actor, and it still does. These characters are so different and each performance is exceptional, it just always reminds me of how much is possible as an actor.

    Revisiting this was an absolute joy.