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  • No Blade of Grass

    No Blade of Grass


    This is actor turned director Cornel Wilde’s seventh directorial effort, but my first dose of his directorial style, and if this is any indication of how his seven remaining features are, then I’m done. *whispers* I’ll break down and watch The Naked Prey one of these days. *whispers* There’s just a serious lack of subtlety here - the themes basically come and hit you like a Mack Truck. Even as I was laid out and bleeding on the floor, Wilde kept kicking…

  • Passionless Moments

    Passionless Moments


    A dry-witted collection of wandering thoughts - like misremembered lyrics, child fantasies and mind-numbing distractions. The short’s most noteworthy moment was shared between Shaun and Arnold, a rather inconspicuous gay couple giving each other the silent treatment. They might be mistaken for roommates (Oh my God!) if not for the brilliant visual clues indicating their relationship.

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  • My Own Private Idaho

    My Own Private Idaho


    Things River Phoenix needed after starring in this:

    - A Bath
    - A Shave
    - An Exfoliating Facial Scrub
    - An Oscar

  • From Russia with Love

    From Russia with Love


    Film #2 of the FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY: A BOND-A-THON Challenge.

    Completed Missions:
    List and Let Die: James Bond Ranked

    James Bond (Sean Connery) is back, baby, and he's bigger, faster and stronger. He has to be because SPECTRE is super-pissed at him for killing their operative Dr. No. In fact, they're so pissed, that they have specifically trained a blond super-killing machine, Donald "Red" Grant (Robert Shaw), to rid the world of him... but first they will use…