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  • Magnificent Obsession

    Magnificent Obsession


    I've seen a melodrama or two, but Magnificent Obsession is (probably) the granddaddy of them all. It's dripping with sap and wet with soap. A chorus of angelic voices punctuates every important moment. It's just too much. However, Douglas Sirk has just the right touch to make it a fascinating watch.

  • Stardust



    Stardust is one of the greatest fantasy films of all time. It manages to blend comedy, fantasy, romance, and adventure all so perfectly, while also delivering sharp dialogue and fine performances from all involved (Michelle Pfeiffer!). Stardust is a delight for younger audiences (my nieces beg to watch it all the time), but it's so cleverly crafted that adults can be delighted, too.

    Wow. I can't believe I made it through the review without comparing it to The Princess Bride. Oops....

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  • The Talented Mr. Ripley

    The Talented Mr. Ripley


    Before "talented" even shows up in the title, we see flashes of "mysterious, yearning, secretive, sad, lonely, troubled, confused, loving, musical, gifted, intelligent, beautiful, tender, sensitive, haunted, passionate", which are all perfect ways to describe Matt Damon's characterization of Tom Ripley. If I had to pick one word, though, it'd be yearning. Tom Ripley yearns for a better life, a life like Dickie Greenleaf's (Jude Law). He yearns to be accepted, by people like Dickie Greenleaf. He yearns to be…

  • King Kong

    King Kong


    Time hasn't put much of a dent in ole King Kong. Willis H. O'Brien's stop-motion animation is just as awe-inspiring as it was in 1933, and while this adventure has been remade a time or two with updated effects, the original Kongfrontation is truly the best.