Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Mulholland Drive is surreal film making at it's absolute finest. This is due to typical David Lynch tropes like odd and slightly disturbing characters, a beautiful dream-like score from Angelo Badalamenti (his work here is up there with Twin Peaks) and a mind bending plot that isn't fully understandable until multiple viewings. Mulholland Drive is everything good about David Lynch except better and the result is beyond anything ever put to screen.

The acting in this film is great and Naomi Watts does probably her best performance ever that starts off so cheesy and over the top (although it works in the context of the film), but eventually transforms into something, only her I believe, could pull off. She is also accompanied by a supporting cast of weird characters that help establish the greatest atmosphere one can experience. Laura Harring being the biggest part of the supporting cast is incredible as well and deserves a mention.

The score in Mulholland Drive is absolutely mind blowingly perfect, I can't imagine any scene with Angelo Badalamenti's score being played with different music. This guy knows how to establish atmosphere with the prime example being the TV series Twin Peaks which throughout the entire 30 episode run, only uses about 11 songs, 3 of which are played only once and he does a similar job here as well.

In accompany to the score is the cinematography by Peter Deming which is phenomenal but I don't want to get into honestly because of spoilers. All you need to know though is that it makes this film a very unique one to look at.

Now for the big one... the plot. The first time I finished Mulholland Drive I kind of just sat there thinking in silence for a while trying to soak in what the flying fuck I just watched. However, it isn't weird and complex for the sake of doing so, it gives you all the pieces but you just have to put them together even if it means watching the film 10+ times (which I personally wouldn't have a problem with). Another genius thing about the plot is that once you've deciphered it and know the general idea of what it's about, it completely changes genres from the first viewing. This was the case for me personally though and it may have a different effect for you.

Overall, Mulholland Drive is one of the most well directed films I've ever seen and also one of my personal favourites. With elements of multiple different genres and an undoubtedly intriguing plot I believe this is a film that every single person can appreciate and love at least 1 thing about it. For me though, I love everything.

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