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  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    A popcorn musical spectacle at its best in quite a while, "In the Heights" manages to offer such an incredible cast filling in its ensemble; which personally is a surprise given how lesser-known the majority are. Not to mention every single musical number in there is undoubtedly gorgeously shot; plus brilliantly choreographed, and even the songs alone are so good they might get stuck in some's heads for a while.

    But putting that aside, it is also yet another surprise…

  • Hold Me Back

    Hold Me Back


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Despite my unfortunate incapability of relating to any of the issues and topics our heroine Mitsuko - portrayed by the gorgeous and incredibly talented Nounen Rena or "Non", in yet another show-stealing performance; was dealing with through this film on a personal basis, director Ohku Akiko's attempt in delivering and bringing it up in the first place is definitely still something that's worth the appreciation alone.

    Ohku-san, who previously directed the similarly-themed and executed "Tremble All You Want" with Matsuoka…

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  • It's a Summer Film

    It's a Summer Film


    I should give credits to a friend for making me aware of this film's existence alone; or else for sure, I would have completely no idea of missing out on such a landmark film in the like of "It's a Summer Film."

    On its skin, yes it is such a very enjoyable and fun film about a group of high school students led by a die-hard Mifune Toshiro fan who wants to make their own jidaigeki (and the first of…

  • Green Fish

    Green Fish


    Really not bad for Lee Chang-dong's first directorial feature, even though it honestly looks like something "famed" Hong Kong directors like Ringo Lam or TO would make; not to mention its huge contrast to the style of films Lee would come to make as his career moves forward.

    The performances are good and the film's thankfully enjoyable straight to the end. There are just some things in there that are quite confusing and a little difficult to catch up on.