Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

If I hadn't been catching up with classics recently, I would say that it's been heck of a long time since I last saw Eddie Murphy in a film. And god damn, "Dolemite Is My Name" is surely one of his best works to date. Seeing him playing the role of Rudy Ray Moore gives essence and life once more to the late actor, while also carrying bits of vibes of his past roles - namely Axel Foley, Prince Akeem, Reggie, Buddy Love and of course, Donkey.

I'm not African-American myself but I really enjoyed this film from beginning to end. I learned a lot about blaxploitation films, more about what it's really like behind the camera, and of course about Moore himself. Besides Murphy, I felt the other cast members also did fantastic jobs of their own. I got to see Keegan Michael-Key in a more dramatic role, and Wesley Snipes in a more comedic role. Even got a bit surprised by how beautiful Craig Robinson's voice really is. I mean, he could really be a singer in real life.

Now I wanted to see "Dolemite"!