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This review may contain spoilers.

As cool as it to see an ancient Boris Karloff single-handedly stop an active shooter by hitting him over the head with his walking cane and slapping him around (lol), Bogdanovich gets a little too cute with the meta-ness when he asserts that The Power Of Cinema™ can overwhelm and momentarily fluster a psychotic individual who we've already seen go on a massive killing spree, which puts a damper on an otherwise excellent, blisteringly ahead of the curve feature that is so unnerving precisely because of how real/messy the random, senseless violence in it feels. Still, if every calling card genre exercise that came out today was this accomplished, I'd thoroughly enjoy a lot more calling card genre exercises. It's also about as good of a sendoff for a legendary screen actor as one could hope for, and between this and The Other Side of the Wind, I'm gonna go on record and declare Peter B. the king of directors playing fictionalized versions of themselves.

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