Tenet ★★★

Coming from a longtime Christopher Nolan backer, I don't think this is a bad movie per se. It is one, however, that incessantly reminded me of other movies I like more. It's Inception as directed by the Nolan whose mentality hasn't reset from Dunkirk, or Blackhat & Déjà Vu being angularly smashed together and hindered by its preoccupation with structuralist mechanics. I think I understood it for the most part (Tenet is a deep dive into finding the metaphysics in physics and causality), but I didn't feel it the way Nolan wanted me to. He's finally made the steely film his most outspoken critics have charged him with since becoming the world's most entrusted name working in the highest profile filmmaking arena, and as this is his first real box office slip-up (due to WB irresponsibly releasing it in the midst of a global pandemic) and audience alienator judging by available metrics, I hope it forces him to return to his roots on a mid-level budgetary figure for whatever comes next, assuming there's still a market for that sort of thing post-COVID.

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