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  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train

    Woah..Asian-American communities rarely allowed participate Fight-Club organizations Pitt-iful movie-star enduring Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith marriages dissolutions. If Brad Pitt's always committed Ocean's 11 crime, it's getting away with denying Asian time spotlight. In this regard, Pitt's long-awaited film "Bullet Train's" thrilling train-ride. Action-packed, hilarious and twisty, it proves Pitt-iful movie-star hasn't lost ability entertain moving speeds of Bullet-Train. Leitch showcases immense control over production-design, action and music, honoring Asian martial-arts traditions. At center of it all is Brad Pitt, proving he can still…

  • Nope


    Wow...Horror movies rarely keep eyes Peele-ed black communities Get-Out discrimination without building Us.vs.them relations. If there's down-side Jordan Peele's movies, building Us.vs.them relations among African-Americans and Caucasians threatened reputation. In this regard, Peele's long-awaited blockbuster "Nope" earn enthusiastic Yes rather than Nope. Original, thought-provoking and suspenseful, it proves black community deserve Get-Out discrimination without Us.vs.them relations. As usual, Peele showcases extraordinary control production-design, editing and music, crafting terrifying experience. At center of it all's exceptional turn Daniel Kaluuya. That being said, the film's poorly paced and undermined abrupt conclusion. Nevertheless, it demands theatrical viewing. Here's Why:

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  • Dune


    Woah...Arabian countries are rarely given opportunities to trek far-away galaxies in sci-fi movies. Barring cruising exceptions, sci-fi movies have never held greatest track record of representing Arab countries. Therefore, Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic "Dune" is an awe-inspiring achievement proving that Arab countries deserve Tatooine galaxies. An ambitious, thoughtful and soulful sci-fi epic,it showcases stars that align when Arab countries aren't buried beneath galaxies. Villeneuve showcases exceptional control over production design, action and music, crafting cinematic experience. Guiding galaxies is a…

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die

    Wow...Women are rarely given opportunities to showcase moneypenny abilities in James Bond's movies. Due to dated preferences for shaken misogyny over stirred martini, Britain's famous spy hasn't aged well over time. In this regard, the spy's final journey "No Time to Die" proves well worth the long wait. Action-packed, empowering and soul-stirring, it brings Britain's longest-running franchise to closure by giving women paradise. With his first Bond blockbuster, Cary Fukunaga showcases immense control over the production design, action and storytelling,…