A Haunting in Venice

A Haunting in Venice ★★★★

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Few authors have created a lasting legacy telling timeless murder mystery stories like Agatha Christie. Since the 1920's when she found her style, Christie's tales of death on the Niles rivers have left readers with a smile. She has achieved success penning stories of sleuths under stress to solve the murder on the orient express. Her books have been widely discussed talked about for capturing experiences of lower-class housekeepers taking sharp knives out. From a personal point-of-view, I've found Christie's stories about housekeepers without a clue that are murdered out of the blue easy to relate to.

My fascination with Christie's novels started in my childhood when my housemaid became a victim of a real-life murder investigation. Years ago, my family endured sorrow when we learnt our housemaid had been murdered by a lover which was a psycho. Stabbed to death in the showers by her lover, she became a tragic victim of murder no detectives in the world could uncover. To avoid serving prison-time, her husband committed suicide before police had chances to arrive on the scene of the crime. Truth be told, I was only fifteen years old when my maid's death put my life on hold. I couldn't help but contemplate why a beloved housekeeper I had grown up to appreciate had been killed in crimes police never had opportunity to investigate.

Before her grisly murder, my housemaid was once a person that I had grown up to adore performing house chores. Born in Eritrea, she was a large-hearted person in every way performing duties in my house with stamina. A larger-than-life soul, she took on a vital role throughout my life by making providing for my family her goal. Since we were often stuck in home alone together, I formed a strong bond with my housekeeper. It was always a pleasure to spend time with a maid that had style willing to go the extra mile to leave me with a smile. I would look forward every single day to spend a couple of hours with a beloved housekeeper that was practically perfect in every way.

However, our relationship was shattered when she was all of a sudden murdered. Murder forced me to end my close relationships with a maid that had assumed an important role in my life as a friend. Following her depressing murder, I adopted a negative attitude refusing to believe the world was a fine place and worth fighting for. Facing stunned silence, I couldn't believe my maid had been slaughtered like a lamb in gruesome violence. I couldn't come to grips with the despair of losing a gone girl that disappeared from my life out of thin air. Unable to leave my tragic past behind, memories of a housemaid which was mercilessly murdered weighed heavily on my mind.

As someone haunted by memories of a maid which was killed in a real-life murder mystery, I've always loved Agatha Christie. At a time when my life reached an all-time low, her work allowed me to cope with sorrow of losing a housemaid several years ago. Years later, the author's literature has allowed me to recover from death of a housekeeper whose memories I will forever treasure.

Christie's latest film adaptation "A Haunting in Venice" brought back memory of a maid whose death haunted me forever. As haunting as Poirot's final adventures to investigate murders that are mind-boggling, it has motivated me to move on with life several years after grieving the untimely passing of a maid I found inspiring by cherishing books published by one of the world's greatest authors whose timeless stories centuries following publication are definitely worth celebrating.

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