Double Indemnity ★★★★★

November has been a very successful month so far as this is my fifth 5/5 of this month so far! I've been able to witness so many marvellous films and this one is no exception.

1944's Double Indemnity was legendary director Billy Wilder's fourth feature of his career and came one year before my first Wilder film, the Oscar-winning The Lost Weekend. I adored The Lost Weekend yet this is the superior film.

Everything about this film is perfection. It's one of my weaker 5s but I still love it so damn much and two features in, Billy Wilder is already one of my favourite directors of all time. From the writing to the acting, this is a film filled with immaculate dubs.

I find it a bit difficult to discuss this film but I can assure you that this is incredible and basically flawless. Similar to another film I watched today, Days of Heaven, I felt plenty of unexplainable emotions while watching this which really added to the experience.

I had a fantastic time watching every second of this feature and it really is a thrilling and brilliant classic. Apologies for the short review but as I said in my previous paragraph, it's a bit difficult to explain my thoughts on this yet I know for sure that this is amazing! Time for Sunset Boulevard!

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