Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

For months, I've heard a lot about Japanese director Sion Sono and about how crazy his films are. His popularity has been rising non-stop and now, I must say I've joined the Sono cult; 2008's Love Exposure is Sono's most popular and highest rated film. It's also where most people, including myself, start with the unique filmmaker's filmography and oh damn what a way to start!

I had a completely different schedule planned for the day but my internet suddenly decided to take a vacation and Love Exposure was the only download I had available which I had planned to watch in February so, I begrudgingly turned on this film. I never could have prepared for the madness of Sono.

On the surface, Love Exposure is some sort of immature and overly violent and sexual movie and while it is certainly that, when we dig deeper, it is so much more than we ever could have anticipated. Focusing on religion, love, friendship, the different types of love and more, Love Exposure...exposes you to love and hits you right in the gut with this unexplainable emotion. I wish I could explain everything well but I'm an idiot so I can't help you there. I'm sure you can find many more reviews detailing and articulating the brilliance of this film and of Sono much better than I ever could but like...damn; who knew watching erections for 4 hours could be simultaneously so hilarious and powerfully moving?

Love Exposure is one of the craziest films I have ever witnessed and it's also, for a 4 hour movie, incredibly entertaining and engaging. I never could have imagined what I was getting into yet this did not disappoint at all. I admittedly have a few certain nitpicks which really bothered me but I adore this film nonetheless. I love Sion Sono, I love Japan, and I love cinema. I have to see more from Sono now.

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