Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★★★

Anyone who rates this below 4/5 is...well, they aren't crazy but I don't agree with their opinion.

I only found out about Bong Joon-ho in 2019 (when buzz for Parasite started happening). In early 2020, I finally got around to watching Parasite and it's now my favourite film of all time.

I proceeded to watch whatever I could find. I checked Bong's filmography and saw Snowpiercer on the list and realised I had watched it a couple of years ago but I decided to watch whatever Bong Joon-ho film I could find on Netflix.

I rewatched Snowpiercer (great film) then went on to The Host (now one of my favourites but can't remember which place. it's like in the top 30) and after that was Okja (not as good but still great).

I had officially watched every Bong Joon-Ho film on Netflix (in my region) so then I decided to watch the rest of his films and I was in the mood for a mystery film thus, I watched Memories of Murder.

Memories of Murder is a well-crafted, amazingly acted and overall a beautiful and unbelievable masterpiece. Right now, it's second place in my Bong Joon-Ho filmography ranking.

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