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Horror / Romance Lover.
Favorite films are the last ★★★★½ + I rated.

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  • Night of the Creeps

    Night of the Creeps


    31 Days of Halloween 2020 (10/18/2020)

    It's October 18 and I realized I hadn't watched any zombie movies this month, and I'm so glad I chose this one. This was a beautiful surprise, you just gotta love 80's movies, then you add alien slugs and zombies? THANK YOU!

    P.S. 2nd movie I watch with alien slugs this month.

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street


    31 Days of Halloween 2020 (10/13/2020)

    I'm so angry. This movie takes itself too seriously, that's not what Freddy is about, this is not him. We want to see him at the beach with sunglasses or playing video games with the life of the kids, not this bullshit.

    This movie is a disgrace.

    P.S. the last kill was cool tho...