Candyman ★★★

Candyman is an imperfect but earnest successor to the 1992 film that explores how original lore evolves in compelling and timely ways. The first two acts are decently strong even when they’re committing cardinal slasher sins (obnoxious comedic relief injected directly into the middle of a murder sequence), but the third act is where it began to lose me almost entirely, between murky mythology and a plot twist or two that I don’t think make much sense.

Having said that, there is some stunningly exquisite camerawork on display here, the kind you don’t typically see from a big-budget studio horror film. Between that, good performances by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Teyonah Parris and *stunning* opening and closing credits, there’s just enough about Candyman to recommend. I wish it all came together a bit more neatly for me in the end though.

Also, Shameika by Fiona Apple is in the soundtrack and that deserves a half star all on it’s own! 

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