After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

I’m starting to feel more like Paul each day. 

After Hours is a series of strange situations inhabited by the even stranger characters of New York City. The film feels like a frantic Scorsese giving all the style he could. A chaotic chain of events of satirical fun connected by the main character. The step by step situations create an episodic journey more than a traditional story. My favorite part is the array of eccentric characters showing the many sides and subgroups of the mid eighties in New York. The city itself feels like a heartless character pulling the rug from Paul at every chance. 

The ultimate nothing can go right movie with a playful Hitchcock like tension built up by the unbelievable, yet so relatable, scenarios. A weird middle ground of comedic lightness and something more sinister closer to New York’s underbelly. There’s a balance that creates something unique, but at times a jarring limbo of nonsensical surface level storytelling lacking something more impactful. 

You gotta love movies that happen all in the span of one night. The dark humor is perfection with many layers to the jokes and to the visual punchlines elevating the comedy. At times After Hours almost feels like a New York or life in general precautionary fable of sorts without the ethics. A yuppie‘s dream or nightmare?

Nothing good ever happened after midnight...bull.

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