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  • Speedy



    Silent comedy perfection, Harold Lloyd's final silent feature is a joyous masterpiece of comedic chaos comparable to Buster Keaton's "The Cameraman". The inclusion of Babe Ruth in the cast elevates it further as not simply a comedy but also a look into a bygone American era.

  • Way Down East

    Way Down East


    A sentimental yet surprisingly dark melodrama from cinema pioneer D.W. Griffith. Griffith's depiction of small-town American life shows an deep affection for rural community living, whether it's through the pastoral imagery or the quirky cast of side players. That's not to say Griffith doesn't shy away from its darker side when it comes to the devastating effects of gossip and secrecy, however his approach is free of the cynicism present in nearly every film depicting small-town American life from the…

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  • Evita



    A strangely nuanced portrayal of Eva Peron as presented through the various creative filters of Andrew Lloyd Weber, Tim Rice, Alan Parker, and Oliver Stone. I can't help but wonder if Weber's musical was some sort of conduit to comment on other events of the time, since Peron's sleazy rise and strange cult of personality mixed with sentimental tunes is a bizarre yet compelling combo.

  • Rio Lobo

    Rio Lobo


    Howard Hawks' last film has a feel of late-sixties cheapness to it, there are moments where the set makes the exteriors in Shaw Brothers look like authentic location work. Yet Hawks' touch is unmistakable, and "Rio Lobo" is a solid piece of entertainment. John Wayne is long in the tooth, but still commands the screen even as he approached the twilight of his career.