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  • Aquaman



    "Aquaman" is lightweight stuff, nothing in the script is anything to write home about, but colorful pop action is what makes it all so fun. It's been a minute since I've seen one of these comic book movies with action you can see. Jason Momoa finally gets a vehicle worthy of his screen presence, even if he and Amber Herd have zero chemistry.

  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins


    "Batman Begins" felt like a fresh approach when "Batman & Robin" was still a painful memory. Today it seems like an overcorrection, the Batman film for the "Good Taste, Inc" crowd. It draws from then-untapped sources like "The Long Halloween", "Batman: Year One", and James Bond movies, which was new-ish for these movies. Christopher Nolan's mostly-analogue approach is still cool, especially as action scenes have become entirely animated at this point in movies. The problem is that no one in this…

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  • Bernie



    I got a haircut from a lady from Carthage, Texas once. I asked her if she knew Bernie Tiede, and not only did she say she did, she also said the woman he killed deserved to die and Bernie shouldn't be in prison. This movie isn't exaggerating at all.

  • Scream



    Remember when horror movies were fun? When they could be scary AND funny, and not just depressing exercises in inflicting nihilistic misery upon the audience? Watching this again in the theater with my wife, who had never seen it, was the sort of moviegoing fun I hadn't experienced in awhile. Laughing and screaming, fully engaged. Jamie Kennedy's movie geek character, Randy, having tons of fun watching "Halloween" captures what these kinds movies are all about, but the culture has lost…