Justice League ★½

A movie mangled beyond recognition. The returning characters from "Batman vs. Superman" only resemble the characters from that film in that they're played by the same actors. In an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"-style twist, they're personalities have been replaced with the quippy jokesters from Marvel's sitcom series of films. Bruce Wayne might as well be Tony Stark, cutely quipping his way through scenes with the other characters. I can't remember most of the scenes with Henry Cavill's Superman, because all you can do is stare at the terrible CGI covering his mustache. For their big, "Avengers"-style push for these characters, it's a featherweight comedy film with boring, badly animated cartoon action, and the villain is another interchangeable dude in armor, much like the terrible villain from "Wonder Woman". Zack Snyder's upcoming correction has nowhere to go but up.