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  • Moonlight



    β€œIn moonlight, black boys look blue.”

    Beautiful and tender - words that are not often used to describe black men. Moonlight proves that black men are not what people say they are, but so much more.

  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    my tit

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  • Midsommar



    I’m...genuinely at a loss for words. After the credits rolled and I stood up from my seat, I almost had to sit back down again; my legs were shaking and threatening to give out under my weight, and my vision was blurred because of the tears filling my eyes.Β Ari Aster takes his eager audience fresh off the hype of Hereditary, and throws them into a dizzying and insane trip.

    A darkly comedic break-up film for the ages, with a heartbreaking, powerhouse performance from Florence Pugh. Midsommar is horrifying and deeply, deeply disturbing, but the overall sense of satisfaction I feel has left me giddy.

  • Sharp Objects

    Sharp Objects


    β€œDon’t tell mama.”

    I am just in complete shock at how masterfully Sharp Objects was crafted. The ACTING, the direction, the soundtrack, the pacing, the foreshadowing, the tension-building - every detail had so much attention paid to it. It was terrifying but I couldn’t once look away. It had one of the best endings to ever grace television. It was perfect.