Top Ten 1956


Legends are often legendary for a reason; James Dean only made three films (noticeably), but all three were terrific and, in all three, he did a wonderful job of embodying more than just a pretty face. East Of Eden and Rebel Without A Cause hit deep emotional chords of teen angst, while Giant sees him give a glorious, comedic, sometimes even hammy performance as the dirt-poor ranch hand who goes on to become a mean old oil tycoon. He never got to live the years he portrays in the film, but had he not died so young we probably we wouldn’t have so many airheaded actors running around thinking they can be him either.


  • Friendly Persuasion
  • Giant
  • The Searchers
  • The Burmese Harp
  • The King and I
  • Forbidden Planet
  • The Girl Can't Help It
  • Gervaise
  • Bob le Flambeur
  • The Solid Gold Cadillac