Top Ten 1975


Once again fascinating audiences with his strange combination of ugly menace and smooth charm, Giancarlo Giannini rules over Lina Wertmuller’s most popular film Seven Beauties without breaking a bead of sweat. Where his Love & Anarchy role called for him to be nervous and strange, Pasqualino Settebellezze is a smooth operator who thinks himself above all trouble until his cowardice in the army gets him thrown into a Nazi concentration camp. This is back when crowds could handle badass, dirty Holocaust films (see The Night Porter for something similar) that modern-day audiences of Life Is Beautiful would probably find unappealing, and Wertmuller’s fascinating camera work and hard-edged storytelling deservedly made her the first (and for almost twenty years, the only)…

There are no family films in this list released in the 2010s.