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quickly became one of my favorite movies ever, but i'll bite at some criticisms now.

Natasha has always been one of my favorite Avengers and apart of that is because i loved her style of fighting - since she wasn't super-powered, her fighting was more strategic and choreography based - and this movie just didn't have much of that. it actually didn't have any real memorable fighting scenes at all (the most it really had was the prison break-out scene, which was fun!). there were some really cool moments - such as Rachel Weisz strategically causing that explosion and the scene where they were just flying through the air, Yelena breaking off her door in the car chase scene , BUT this could've easily had some of the best action sequences in the MCU, and i feel robbed of that.

i also saw a deleted alternate ending scene on twitter and i feel like it would've been such a better ending for Natasha's character as we are likely to never be seeing her ever again. i didn't actually mind the ending being a connection to Infinity War, until i saw an alternative where it could actually have been used to honor her legacy. (link here)

besides that, i love this movie with my whole heart. i took away half a star because of the reasons above, but this has such insane rewatchability. i liked how it handled human trafficking, as that is an inherent part of Nat's backstory even though they could've easily overlooked that. as such i loved the found family angle, and how the victims found and supported each other. i think a lot (not all! just a lot) of the criticisms to this movie just mischaracterized it a lot, and i am its defense attorney!

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