Eternals ★★★★

i went into this expecting not to like it as much on the rewatch but if anything i’m more in awe of Angelina Jolie and the visuals (and the visuals OF Angelina Jolie) than ever

my main criticism, keeping it from true greatness, is, in fact, the pacing and some editing choices (at least i think it’d be editing choices, i’m not very inclined to speak on that type of thing). sometimes things, especially in the first hour, felt like we were just jumping from thing to thing with no real direction. which is why i think you should go see my first review where i plagiarized oomfs idea that this should’ve been a mini-series instead. that would’ve done this entire arc a little bit better and we’d get more depth to everything.

BUT no con outweights how invested i was and how emotionally attached to most of the characters i was. any criticism i could give i have 5 other things i adore about this film. the group dynamic, the betrayals, every shot was so gorgeous. and actually some of the action sequences were SO cool and interesting to watch play out. everyone’s power came into play somehow i love that

i get why the cons wouldn’t outweigh the pros for some people… but i really like this a lot

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