Love Hard

Love Hard ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

i was actually enjoying this a lot until the last half hour. i don't like how they framed Nina Dobrev's lying as equal to the catfishing and sort of framed the catfishing as more forgivable. it was sort of what i was afraid of them doing and it didn't seem like they were going to until they... did

it still had some really fun scenes throughout and i'm still living for the impending Nina Dobrev renaissance. she actually works surprisingly well in fun comedy roles. i love that for her she was having her fun

edit : also just feel like mentioning thee biggest nitpick ever but near the end her boss is like "why did you stay? you always run away from imperfections?" and she was like "i really don't know" and she then realized she loved Josh or whatever but.... this didn't make much sense. she literally left and then met Paxton from Never Have I Ever at the bar, AND THEN decided to stay because Josh was going to help matchmake them. she stayed for a very clear reason! (this nitpick did not halter my enjoyment of the movie but i watched half of this again with my mom and it stuck out to me equally both times, like what are you even talking about, Nina Dobrev?)

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