Tenet ★★★★

so i rewatched it with subtitles and it's so funny because i didn't realize just how much of this movie was incomprehensible the first time until i realized i had NO CLUE what they were saying that entire time.

anyways this film doesn't SEEM fun on the surface, but on the rewatch... it actually is so fun! like it's mostly just nonsense with some twists and turns plus everyone is so attractive... and when you know what's happening, and you have subtitles on so you can understand the nearly incomprehensible dialogue... it's just a fun viewing experience, i would recommend rewatching Tenet!

that being said, the "plot" basically doesn't make any more sense on the rewatch... i guess i sort of understand it, but in the same way i understood it the first time. it doesn't have much logic, its sort of just an "accept what you're being told and move on" type of movie, which.... i don't mind. i don't need elaborate explanations and logic, i can just have fun. i feel there could be a problem with just how serious it takes itself because it's all a little d*mb, but i had a lot of fun with this rewatch!

i think my favorite parts are all of the reveals. i thought they were a bit silly, but i was so amused i exclaimed "OH WOW!" at every reveal, especially on the rewatch.

i'm going to try to rewatch it one more time before my rental expires, but i probably won't be able to because it is 2 and a half hours, BUT i will say... i was much more entertained by it on the rewatch than i was on the first watch, i don't even know why. maybe its because its less of a headache when you know the full plot already, or maybe it's because i watched it at 10 PM the first time, maybe it's all of the above, BUT... i am a Tenet stan. Protaganeil hive!

also, again, i really appreciate the casting directors because John David Washington and Elizabeth Debicki are just the most attractive people ever, and i think they are just amazing

essay on Tenet: over

edit : my parents watched this and i watched like 70% of it again, but i dont have anything to add nor do i want to add it to my diary again, so just take this as my confirmation that i stand by what i said here and that John David Washington needs to step on me even though i'm taller than him. he can use Elizabeth Debicki as a ladder or something or they can step on me together, idk but i just need that to happen

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