• Romeo Must Die

    Romeo Must Die


    the editing style and some other things may be dated but this was a really cool modern take on Romeo & Juliet and Aaliyah is everything to me

  • Spencer



    i liked the fable approach rather than marrying itself to historical accuracy and the fact that it’s structured over the span of a specific few days rather than trying to be a typical “biopic” (loosely referring to it as such) that tries to force her entire life to be shown within a 2 hours runtime. it has very stunning visuals throughout, and i have to give Kristen Stewart the highest praise. i was already a fan of hers but was not sold…

  • Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas

    Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas


    i was one of the 7 people who were tuned into Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist from beginning to end so, although i wasn’t rushing to watch this, i felt like by principle i had to tune in… and it was cute and fun! i do love a Christmas special and i want more musical Christmas specials, so this worked for me it checked all of the boxes!

    to be honest, this was just an extended episode of the show, but i…

  • Zola



    this had some pretty funny bits throughout and the storytelling technique is especially fun. it also had some really pretty shots. if anything i think the technical aspects are all around solid

    i didn’t really like any of the performances though even from people i typically enjoy as actors. Taylour Paige is gorgeous tho! and although overall the performances were whatever, there were some really funny line deliveries!!

  • Bruised



    at times i felt like this could’ve been a really solid mini/limited series. as a movie it feels derivative and pretty formulaic whereas i feel as though as a limited series it could’ve taken a more unique approach and the pacing could’ve been better.

    Halle Berry’s commitment to the part and the project was by far the highlight of this movie. she clearly gave it her all and it showed, she did really great work. but that almost makes me…

  • Lion



    desperately need Australian Dev Patel to spit in my mouth. brilliant performance btw like i’m never getting over this i’m shaking as if this isn’t my third time watching it

  • The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

    The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show


    1 star off for Camila’s singing. i don’t care for James Corden but his presence was campy enough that i can let it go. everything else was so enjoyable to me! even guests i wouldn't typically enjoy i thought were cute and fun here! i would love Kacey to do more specials like this and honestly just bring Dan Levy back to be the narrator again, it can be like a Christmas duo thing!

    Kacey and Mariah run Christmas in my household !

  • American Animals

    American Animals


    oh this was so good. for starters, i love the storytelling technique with the story coming from the pov of the actual people recounting everything, and as such all of the contradicting perspectives/inherent unreliable narratives coming up throughout (especially in the last few minutes!). sort of like I, Tonya but also different. love all that! the first half was actually so entertaining and funny to me and then after about an hour it just became SO stressful and chaotic. like…

  • Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

    Introducing Dorothy Dandridge


    i think it should’ve been a focused in biopic on her Oscar nomination and career before and after it rather than a biopic trying to cover her entire wikipedia overview but Halle Berry was just glowing and has such an insane commanding presence on screen that i mostly enjoyed this a lot. Halle Berry elevates the viewing experience from entirely being the run of the mill biopic

  • The Call

    The Call


    they lost the plot in the last 30 minutes and some of the editing decisions throughout were giving MTV, but Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin were excellent and i was consistently invested and entertained, so i say they ate that up!

  • Passing



    Tessa Thompson, Ruth Negga and André Holland are real actors. i will repeat the sentiment that everyone who has watched this seems to be sharing : Tessa and Ruth should be included amongst the Awards Seasons contenders, and should also be the front-runners

  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    i actually wasn't sold on this at first. even the obvious appeal wasn't really hitting for me. Andrew's performance felt a little forced at first (and i never once believed he was 29 but maybe Jonathan just looked 40 in real life, who's to say) and the music wasn't hitting for me really at all... but the second half got me good. i think after the one cafe musical number is when things started shifting for the movie entirely