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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Pros: Cute animals and Adam Driver.

    Cons: Eveything else and especially how they managed to completely destroy the character Luke Skywalker.

    And...152 f**king minutes!? For what?

    George Lucas, please come back. Everything is forgiven.

  • The Great Dictator

    The Great Dictator


    Film #1 of 31 in Scavenger Hunt Challenge 24 - By Matt Minton

    Task #16: A film mentioned, watched or referenced in the US version of The Office.

    Link here

    Actually my very first Charlie Chaplin movie, and maybe his most well known work as well set the expectations really high for me and I was not disappointed at all! Perfect mix between well done slapstick and thoughtful humor made it never boring (though it felt a little bit too…

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  • The Net

    The Net


    Kim Ki-duk is back! This is absolutely one of his best from the last ten years. I think he almost got stuck in his own tracks in his previous films in the last decade. but now has gotten back to what we in Sweden call "perfekt fingertoppkänsla" (sure instinct). This can also be a good introduction for new Kim Ki-duk fans since it's not so hard to understand, the human behavior is less animal-like and easy to empathize with. The…

  • Breath



    Lungt, stillsamt och provokativt i rätt mängder i denna film signerad mästaren Kim Ki-duk, här har han fortfarande det vi alla hoppas att han inte tappat och Breath bjuder på en ruggigt intressant romantisk berättelse med alla speciella karaktärsdrag som Kim alltid har i sina filmer. Den är inte lika bra som hans allra bästa, men väl värd en svag 4:a. (10/15)


    Short in english:

    You get what you can expect from a Kim Ki-duk movie: silent, provocative, thoughtful, strong. Not as good as his best movies, but not too far from it either, a weak 4 out of 5. (10/15)