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  • Apocalypse Now
  • Days of Being Wild
  • Lost Highway
  • Millennium Mambo

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  • RED


  • Mystery Train


  • Memories of Murder


  • frank ocean [pyramids]

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  • Babylon



    this is the type of movie david o’russell wish he made

    party scene had me at an 8, then the divisiveness and messiness kicks in. it’s like once upon a time in hollywood jacked on steroids, just change a few things and brad pitt is rick dalton. struggles and bounces back and forth on wanting to be a love letter to cinema and a fictional tale of the rise and fall of star talent. a better and fun time than…

  • BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

    BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths


    Two weeks ago I was talking to my dad. About my career, plans during and after college. Growing up, he was against me wanting to make movies or art in general. Never understood why until a couple years ago, when he showed me his art. He’d stopped painting cause it didn’t put food on the table and wasn’t a money making machine. Now he’s my biggest supporter. I haven’t told him about Closures yet, but he’s definitely gonna play a…

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  • RED



    still holds up from when i saw it as a kid. my professor who worked on the film provided commentary

  • Mystery Train

    Mystery Train


    Jun and Mitsuko are definitely the most underrated couple in cinema

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  • X



    Uhhh this was decent, it's ironic that it struggles with what it wants to be at times; like it's part indie and 70's slasher with nudity. The wide shots are nice, especially when we see them go from the gas station to the barn. It does take time for things to get going, but when it does you won’t be disappointed and I found the kills/gore enjoyable; along with the tension waiting to start. The acting was fine, I don't…

  • Minions: The Rise of Gru

    Minions: The Rise of Gru


    Me and the homies pulled up in suits for this shit. A group pulled up in minions fit 🔥 Did a smoke sess beforehand. Felt comfy af. Me and josh cracked some jokes. We died when the nun levitated, “which villain vehicle getting the aux,” they showed Vector 💀. Ngl wasn’t expecting it to be this ok. I don’t like illumination or the minion franchise, that last one felt long af. Haven’t seen the first despicable but I know people…