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  • One Missed Call

    One Missed Call


    Started strong but went a little overboard by the end trying to stack up as many fake-out endings as possible. A lot of the camerawork and lighting was really good. Pretty fun premise, but it kinda gets lost in the sauce quickly. There were actually a lot of cool practice effects but unfortunately there was some goofy looking CGI too. What was that ending btw???

  • Audition



    That shit cray

    (i think spoony spoiled this movie for me in a final fantasy video from 10+ years ago)

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  • Antiporno



    I’m gonna need to go in for a closer analysis on this one. No, I’m serious!

  • Oldboy



    Rewatched through Arrow's recent 4k remaster, which really had me appreciating the colors and cinematography of the film a lot more than before. At the same time, I didn't remember some CGI being so noticeably dated (the ant on the train lmao). Still, that's a minor drawback to such a well-crafted film. So many callbacks and frequent use of foreshadowing that can only really be appreciated on a rewatch, which both tie into the themes of time and memory throughout…