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  • The Crow

    The Crow


    The Crow is the Joker for goth kids don't @ me

  • The Exorcist III

    The Exorcist III


    I've been hearing things about this movie for a while, so I finally watched it and it honestly holds up really well. I admittedly didn't watch the director's cut because I didn't know about it until after, but it's a compelling detective mystery (with, uh, a less than stellar portrayal of mental illness, but that's a lot of horror movies, unfortunately). I'd like to compare the DC to this version of the film in the future.

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  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets

    National Treasure: Book of Secrets


    Whoever says that these movies aren’t 100% factual and 100% fun is 100% a goddamn liar.

  • Unfriended: Dark Web

    Unfriended: Dark Web


    Another super fun film, though not quite as enjoyable as the first. I feel like these movies get judged more harshly than they deserve.

    And now I pitch Unfri3nded: Dial-Up, full of web 1.0, AIM, and Windows 98 computing action! What better way to capitalize on the retro throwback craze than CRT monitors, barely legible webcams, and the nostalgic tones of connecting to the web?

    (Blumhouse hire me please)